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The Armed Man Project


Louise is working on a set of ideas inspired by the composer Karl Jenkins.

This group of art works will be categorised under the heading, "The Armed Man Series", as a tribute to "The Armed Man: A Mass For Peace", composed by Jenkins for the millennium. This was the initial influence in Louise's desire to make these images.

The works will be shown in order of completion.

(Some of these images will be brought out as Limited Edition Prints, please contact the artist for further details.)

1. "Mass For Peace" Oil on canvas, 40" x 50". 2007

An introductory piece portraying a metaphysical concept, as a purely emotional response on hearing the moving and haunting "Mass for Peace" in its entirety.

The painting is comprised of myriad dots, layer upon layer, with each dot signifying a life lost. At first glance the work appears to be of an overtly religious nature, given the archetypal symbology, but a more detailed viewing reveals hidden messages and insights pertaining to an otherworldliness.


2. "Agnus Dei" Oil on canvas, 36" x 72". 2008

Inspired by Track 10 of "The Armed Man - A Mass for Peace".


3. "Eve and the Armed Boy" Oil on panel, 18" x 48". 2009


3. "The Armed Man" 14" x 10.5". 2010

Limited edition unframed prints available to order.

Using some props lying around; a rusty old gun, helmet, bullet belt, and a gas mask which I use for drawing classes, I managed to persuade a group of local painters and decorators to march around an old warehouse pretending to be soldiers. We had a lot of strange stares from the cadets of the Territorial Army base who happened to be doing a dummy drill outside and could see in through the open doors.

There is an essence of WW1 about this work which originally began on a huge canvas with a horse at the bottom of it. This has since developed into something else because I felt I had achieved what I was trying to say with this image which remains in print form.

The gas mask character will appear again soon in another painting from the series.